Ridgely Acres

Ridgely Acres


Pick Up, Transport & Shipping

Ground Shipping

We do allow animals to be picked up by a ground transporter.  The buyer is responsible for choosing, scheduling & paying the shipper.  It is also the buyers responsibility to find out the requirements of the shipper (i.e. health certificate, crate, et.).  I have a very flexible schedule, so I can make nearly any day/time work for pick ups.  When choosing a shipper, do your research, read reviews & try to find a shipper that is USDA certified when possible.

Airline Shipping

We will ship animals through the airlines.  Our closest airport is BWI.  It is the buyers responsibility to pay for the flight, health certificate & crate that meets the airlines standards.  I will take care of scheduling the flight.

Farm Pick Up

We always allow pick up at the farm.  Our farm is located on the eastern shore of Maryland.  We are close to two main highways, that makes the trip fairly easy- Route 50 and Route 301.
Michelle Sullivan @ Ridgely Acres