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Things to Know Before Contacting Us...

The most important thing here at Ridgely Acres is our animals health & well being.  With that being said, I just wanted to address a few farm rules that pertain to biosecurity & frequently asked questions, etc.  We appreciate all of the interest in coming out to the farm, however our animals well being is top priority & we have a family to take care of!

1)  Farm visits are strictly for placing deposits or picking up your animal.  We operate by appointment only & do not offer farm tours to the public, traveling petting zoos or on farm petting zoos.  This keeps down on the stress for the animals, not to mention, helps prevent spreading of diseases.

2) Keep in mind when coming to the farm that it is, indeed, a FARM which means: there will be livestock, there will be barns, there will be hay & straw, there will be manure, some silly barn cats that want to be your friend (even if you don't want a new friend), there will be dirt & maybe even mud!

3)  Please do not bring any pets with you unless discussed prior to your visit- dogs, pigs, etc.  Not allowing outside animals on the property helps to ensure that our animals are not exposed to any viruses, germs or parasites.

4)  Children are welcome, however need to be under CONSTANT adult supervision.

5) We accept cash & all major credit cards as forms of payment.  *We no longer accept checks*

6) An animal is not considered reserved/sold until I recieve a deposit or payment.  This farm works on a first come/first served basis.  *DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE*

7) All sales are FINAL as stated in your bill of sale that will go home with you.

8) Educate yourself before deciding to add any new animal (Pig, Goat, Bloodhound, etc.) to your family.  Education is key to ensuring an animal a forever home & a new owner that is prepared.  Research...Research...Research!  And research again!

Thanks so much for understanding & abiding by the rules here!

***COVID-19 UPDATE TO FARM VISITS:  We will not be doing any in person farm visits for the foreseeable future.  We will, however, be happy to send videos or do a video call***

Michelle Sullivan @ Ridgely Acres