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About Ridgely Acres

Ridgely Acres is a small farm located on Maryland's beautiful eastern shore.  We breed Mini Pigs, AKC Bloodhounds, ADGA & AGS Nigerian Dwarf goats.  Our animals health & well being is our top priority here!  All animals are socialized & handled daily, all animals leave with the proper vaccines & paperwork for the best start in their new homes.  The farm is run by me- Michelle, a previous veterinary technician with many years of experience in the animal care field.

How it all began...

I have loved animals my entire life.  My love for them, undoubtedly, came from my Grandfather- Herbert Sullivan.  He was my very best friend & taught me everything I know. This farm of mine is all for him.  He built me the barn that you will see when you come to the farm. My hero passed away July 9, 2014.  After his passing, I got out of barn stuff for a while because doing it all without him just made me sad.  Then, I realized he would want me to continue on with this place that we loved so much.  So, that is exactly what I did.  Since then, the farm has grown tremendously.  It would not feel right to not mention this wonderful man, that I was lucky enough to call my Grandfather & who started it all, on the website.  One way to keep his memory alive, is to make sure everyone knows about him!

Michelle Sullivan @ Ridgely Acres