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Mini Pig General Information

I take great pride in being an honest & very reputable mini pig breeder.  Being up front & honest helps to ensure my piglets get into wonderful, informed forever homes.  Every piglet that leaves Ridgely Acres, leaves with lifetime breeder support.  My piglets get weaned at 8 weeks & I will NOT wean early or sell as bottle babies- so please do not waste time by asking- It is not in the best interest of the pig.  I send weekly update videos on weekends once deposits placed. The piglets will leave here vaccinated, dewormed, handled daily, started on litter box training, vet checked, with a harness/leash set & with a little starter care package!  Male piglets can be neutered by my vet before leaving for an additional cost. The parents height is your best indicator of the size that your pig will be as an adult- ethical breeders do not weigh their pigs because they are such dense/compact animals they carry their weight very different from say, a dog.  They also do not guarantee an adult weight- that is impossible. Both parents of every litter are always on farm for you to meet!

Mini Pigs make absolutely fabulous pets, but they are definitely not for everyone, so please do your research & take time to consider the following before deciding to add a piggy to your family:

1) Check your housing/city/town zoning to make sure pigs are allowed

2) These are mini pigs- there is no such thing as a teacup, nano, micro, etc. pig.  Even if you do not buy from me, run the other way if a breeder uses those terms.  The parent pigs are the best way to get an idea of how big your piglet will be.  My pigs mature to roughly the size of a medium dog (I.e. beagle, basset hound, English bulldog).

3) Make sure that you have a Veterinarian that sees pigs

Upcoming Mini Pig Litters

We have 2 litters due around November/December 2021
Michelle Sullivan @ Ridgely Acres